VicToria Freudiger, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Elga Haymon White, Business Director – egwhites@juno.com

Linda T. Phillips, Graphic Illustrator, Cover Designer and Editor – rebelred17@tx.rr.com

Margie McCurry, PR Releases and Social Media Director – margiemccurry@gmail.com

R.D. Foster, Co-Editor (all genres) – rdfoster66@msn.com

Jim Kilpatrick, Proofreader – kimolani2000@yahoo.com

Kristin Lindsley, Graphic Illustrator – kristin.lindsley24@gmail.com

Jennifer Hiles, Webmaster – hello@jenniferhiles.com

Adam DeAngelo, Website Designer – adamdeangelo@yahoo.com

Jim Bilgere, Artist – sirbunk112@hotmail.com

Billy Freudiger: Poetry and Music Editor twf3@live.co

Our Affiliates:

Affiliate: Shadow Wood Writing Studio – Elga Haymon White – http://www.shadowwoodwritingstudio.com/

Affiliate: Too Driven – Spencer Conley – http://toodriven.com

Affiliate: Amazon – https://story-e-books.com/amazon

The majority of our titles are also listed on Amazon and Amazon Kindle

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