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Digi-Tall Media Continues to Partner With Amazon

Today was a very busy day for Digi-Tall Media. Two of our authors had multiple titles that we are positive children all over the world will want to read. The great thing about Amazon is that they do actually have a system that gets books read all over the world. Digi-Tall Media has been a … Read more

Newest Pre-Sale: “Terrorized in Rwanda, Saved by Grace”

“It seemed like death didn’t want me, but neither did the earth.”  – a Rwandan survivor tells her victorious story – DALLAS, TX:  After losing her parents and many of her siblings during the genocide in Rwanda, Anamaliya was hunted ‘like an animal’ for weeks. Living through it all, she is able to tell the … Read more

December 2017 & January 2018 #BESTSELLERS

Our December 2017 BESTSELLERS: #”Magnificent Mallory”: by Mallory Ann Obenauf and #”Lead with L.O.V.E.” – written by Spencer J. Conley – Dec 2017 #BESTSELLERS – sales throughout December and especially toward the end of December sewed up his position as #BESTSELLER and (row 2) our January 2018 BESTSELLERS: “Rebound Forward” by Randy Brown’s sales brought him over … Read more

Let’s Start the New Year Off Right

At – the online storefront for Digi-Tall Media, we are starting the year off with quite a number of excited authors with amazing titles that have been published by us in the last few months. This last quarter has been a busy time – but very enjoyable and successful. Appropriate non-fiction bestseller examples would … Read more

Wilhelmina’s Christmas . . . a Surprise Gift

Christmas Holiday Time is such the perfect occasion to come out with new literature for children. Each and every year for quite some time now, Elga Haymon White, has written something special and magical for the ‘little ones’ to enjoy. This year is no different! We present “Wilhelmina’s Christmas . . . A Surprise Gift!” … Read more

New Digi-Tall Media Author – This Month’s News – Spencer Conley

OCTOBER IS DYSLEXIA AWARENESS MONTH…. — I’M DYSLEXIC—and still a Leader! Professional athlete, coach, and leadership entrepreneur, Spencer Conley has teamed up with Digi-Tall Media to describe how YOU can “Lead with L.O.V.E,” in his new book, which will ship after Thanksgiving. — Here’s how Conley describes this photo: “There was a time I wanted … Read more

Exciting, Staff Illustrator, Linda T Phillips-Digi-Tall Media Publishes Her 4 Newest Titles

Introduce YOUR Children to the Charming Residents of BugsHollow! Four delightful new books in the BugsHollow Series — by author-illustrator Linda T. Phillips, Published by Digi-Tall Media ~ All are $14.95/ea. Available at: Flicker, the Freckle-Faced Firefly Flicker the Freckle-Faced Firefly lived in BugsHollow. She was so distraught over having fuchsia freckles that she didn’t even … Read more

Comparison Puzzles – Fun Part of DTM Giveaway

Throughout our Facebook pages, you will see Comparison Puzzles posted. All of our puzzles are created by Linda Thomas Phillips and they are colorful, enticing, and created to point toward a medium-difficulty to solve. These puzzles have been placed from time to time in different children’s books published by Digi-Tall Media. After viewing the Comparison … Read more

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