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Beat the Summer Heat – Try Our Yearly Publishing Package Discounts

Each summer since the inception of Digi-Tall Media (our parent company) we have enjoyed offering authors summer discounts. Summer is a special time of year for authors. In the summertime, creative juices flow like no other time of year. Family vacations and visits occur, which spur new ideas – seasonal trends come about that cause … Read more

Social Media ‘Go ‘Round’

Recently someone who is skilled in the inner-workings of what goes on in social media circles asked me a very telling question. She asked, “Do you believe the vast majority of the authors posting things about their books ever go to to buy someone else’s book? or Amazon? or even go to the bookstores … Read more

April – Springtime Announcements – Welcome

Our first blog to go along with our newly designed storefront is written in honor of the worldwide “book world”. Authors and Poets have the talent of being able to put their thoughts, feelings, knowledge, doubts, history, heritage, pain and thrills – even miracles – in the form of a poem or a novel. We … Read more

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