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Expected Changes in 2016

Digi-Tall Media is happy to announce that Entry Way Publishing will be merging with the parent company, Digi-Tall Media, as of January 1, 2016.

Digi-Tall Media, a publishing company, also, has been a book distribution center for over two decades. Digi-Tall Media has printed and published over 300-plus books and hundreds of e-Book versions of their products. All social media, video, (YouTube), audio and other marketing services will be managed by the parent company after the merge is complete.

Products which have been published by both Entry Way Publishing or Digi-Tall Media will continue to be sold on their Online Storefront: All new purchasers will receive a $5.00 credit toward any product sold.

VicToria Freudiger, owner and operator of Digi-Tall Media, will serve as Liaison between authors, graphic illustrators, editors, co-writers, printers and publishers. VicToria’s skills and abilities make Digi-Tall Media a very different firm from other publishing companies. For the author, it’s all in one convenient basket.

One chapter of all manuscript submissions to Digi-Tall Media at will continue to be reviewed and critiqued at no charge. After an online or telephone conference, VicToria and the author then make a decision if working one-on-one will become a good fit. Please visit the website to review our editing/social media/publishing services.

Should you be searching for an experienced editor and publisher, please contact VicToria Freudiger at Digi-Tall Media: 972-352-0324.

Our goal is to continue our mission statement. We also aim to continue staying current with publishing standards, which change through the years.

Our mission is to work with conviction and tenacity alongside writers wanting to see their manuscript become a published book. We will not just try to sell you our services for the sake of doing so, our interests lie in finding you exactly what you need. Here at Digi-Tall Media, we are prepared for you to be the type of customer who would stop by once and instead, stay permanently. One of our mission statements is, “When we serve others, we serve ourselves.”

Instead of only thinking, “We will help others by publishing their books,” those on our team are encouraged to contemplate upon, “Our company will help writers by providing them the best product possible…thereby helping the literary world, because we cannot otherwise feel fulfilled.”
If you would like a consultation with a book expert who has more than two decades experience, please call me at 972-352-0324.

Yours truly
VicToria Freudiger
Editor-in-Chief and Publishing Director
Digi-Tall Media and

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