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Incorporating Pinterest into Your Social Media World

For as many years as we have been in business, we have had a goal to keep up with the growth in technology. Social Media skills are very important and it has come to our attention that, even when we began our business twenty years ago, there were corporate websites for everyone. Now, authors find themselves on media areas such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. With this blog and this past month or two, we have pushed the envelope even further — and have arrived at great news! A Pinterest account has been established that contains a great deal for each of our clients.

Our latest learning curve is finding how to incorporate Pinterest to benefit our authors’ books and to our artists’ drawings. We are delighted and have found that at Pinterest you can be perceived as an author with a certain genre of a book; but, you can also show true personality traits and connect with possible book purchasers on many other levels.

The items chosen to be added to your Pinterest Boards are usually jpgs or pngs — and in no time at all you will find yourself being able to tell yet another story! Isn’t that what being a writer is all about? Yes, this type of storytelling is also what being an artist or compassionate creative designer needs, too.

The other fun part of uploading images (pins) to Pinterest on your chosen boards is that you can add a description to your board and add a url link to each pin. In the end, this means if you pin your book cover to your Pinterest account and add the link to where it is purchasable, you will end up with a site visitor who has an almost instant choice of buying your book(s).

On the Digi-Tall Book Covers board we created, we have downloaded most of our book covers. Each download, where possible, was built with a link leading to where your book is sold on Marketing Miracle! Every image with a link leading to our online storefront then gets a chance, so people wanting to follow the pin (image) will become a visitor. All of these facts to us feel energizing and fun! New and different. Keep up with the times…yes, we love being able to share growth, for us all!

If you would like to learn more and/or have us show you how to build your own Pinterest account, please contact in your email subject line, please put – regarding “New Pinterest”.

Visit our boards for like-minded poets, like-minded children’s poets, like-minded photographers and share your works with us. This, too, will create an even better experience for us all.

Thanks — oh yes, we hope you will enjoy visiting our boards:

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