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Looking for an Editor ~ Meet the Editing Divas

Entry Way Publishing and Digi-Tall Media along with Jody Amato and several other staff editors are proud to present an easy to read brochure/flyer for you to review in order to see the quality of services you are to receive when hiring the Editing Divas.

To date we have edited hundreds of manuscripts and in almost all genres. Currently we are soliciting genres such as speculative fiction, mystery, thrillers, children’s fiction and non-fiction, poetry tabletop books, autobiographies and biographies, as well as romance and historical fiction.

Our forte is being able and willing to work one-on-one with an author in order to work through writer’s habits. We also enjoy utilizing research skills to create a more believable story and can increase manuscript appeal by adding text and features that bring about more sight, sounds, intrigue, and dialogue development.

Email your 10-page or one chapter manuscript to and we will be glad to provide you with an estimate and an idea of a timeline as well.

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