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People were not conceived with notions about outward beauty. They were taught by society’s wiliness to be shallow. No one has ever written or said that God looks at color, or weight or age or any superficial appearance when envisioning human beauty. It has always been from what’s inside. This book has been written for those who have felt different in their lives….remember you are not alone.

Skin Deep is about a young girl and her single mother meeting a family who know just the right way to make “Birdie” feel special and able to not concentrate on her appearance that is so quickly evident to the world. For the many who could look the child in the face, this author introduces us to some characters that show an endearing quality that everyone in the human race today could learn from – this special acceptance not only by the family but then later on her own city win your heart.

Be prepared to grow as you read into someone who looks at ‘special needs’ cases in a whole new light.

Award-winning is what this book is – Andrew Sheehy who has writen several books before this one has now written a book that will be seen on the charts and talked about by anyone who reads it. Reach inside and see if you’re up for the challenge to be able to keep your shock and sadness in ‘check’ as you read about “Birdie”.

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