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Victoria Hinds is a God-fearing, half-Hungarian, Midwestern native, who is also Wife, a “Supermom” of five children, and co-owner of a Catahoula Hound dog. After high school, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at Upper Iowa University; and earned her post graduate degree with a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing. After completing her numerous studies, she used her skills as a Composition/Page Designer at The Geneseo Republic newspaper. At Plano Star Courier and at Ad Pages Magazine, Victoria was able to enjoy being a Graphic Artist.





Traditional Publishing vs Self Publishing (Indie) Facts Shares

For the most part of 25+ years *  I have had comments from all sorts of people about publishing via A Traditional Publishing. The pride is there, the passion is there – but I continuously feel anger and bitterness,as well. These traditionally published authors hand out advice to first time authors and advise them in

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Book Review PR

James Kilpatrick Publishes Two At Once

NEW RELEASES: “A Little Piece of Heaven” – Kilpatrick’s father was working for the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA), installing and repairing radar facilities to aid in the ever-growing commercial air travel industry. Dad had a chance to transfer to Wake Island, and the 10-year-old James and his family moved from Bradford, Illinois to the new adventure. Kilpatrick has organized his book

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