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James B. Kilpatrick, known to friends as either, Jimbo, Jim, Kimo or Ukali was born in Galesburg, Illinois in 1947. He spent ten years on a farm before moving with his family to Wake Island. He was educated in both public and private schools. He attended high school in Aledo, Illinois at Roosevelt Military Academy. After graduating from the academy he attended the University of Guam, Huron College and finally the University of Hawaii where he earned three degrees, a BA in journalism, a professional diploma in English and a master of Education degree.

He has worked in radio, television and newspaper fields; as well as being a teacher for thirty years – teaching from the sixth grade to college courses during that period and education thousands of young men and women.

But there is more to Jim than just growing up on Wake Island in the central Pacific. He traveled and lived on Guam, Midway and other islands gathering material for his books. He and his friends watched the world grow up from the innocence of the 1950’s to the end of the Cold War, when the Berlin Wall was torn down to the beginning of a new threat to America and the world on 9/11. His stories are true, in most cases, and will make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. No matter which book you read, his style and openness will take you on a trip, sometimes making you recall your won life. This author writes for everyone and hopes they will see that as they go from novel to novel.

He is retired – now living in McKinney, Texas writing novels covering many areas including true life, children’s books and mystery genres. Jim plans to one day return to where he calls him in the Hawaiian Islands.



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