Let’s Start the New Year Off Right

At Story-e-Books.com – the online storefront for Digi-Tall Media, we are starting the year off with quite a number of excited authors with amazing titles that have been published by us in the last few months. This last quarter has been a busy time – but very enjoyable and successful.

Appropriate non-fiction bestseller examples would definitely be Spencer Conley (“Lead with Love” – https://story-e-books.com/shop/lead-l-o-v-e/) and James DeMeo (“What’s YOUR Plan” – https://story-e-books.com/shop/whats-your-plan/).

Both men have sold a very nice amount of books and have also experienced being able to go before the public to talk personally with audiences about their non-fiction/timely titles.

As far as children’s fiction, Elga Haymon White’s e-Book (“Wilhemenia’s Christmas, A Surprise Gift – https://story-e-books.com/shop/wilhelminas-christmas-a-surprise-gift/) has already sold extremely well at several retailers. Though this book was a holiday favorite, it would be a perfect gift for young readers year round. Victoria Hinds will be returning with delightful poetry for young ones – this year it should be “Monarch” in its third round of edits and “Laundry Laundry”.

2018 will continue to be a year of literary greats — coming out with memoirs we first introduce Randy Brown and his non-fiction memoir, “Rebound Forward” (https://story-e-books.com/shop/rebound-forward/). Digi-Tall Media is also finishing up a memoir by Anamalina – “Terrorized in Rwanda, Healed by Grace.”

Continuously throughout this publisher’s history we have worked with authors who have well written heartfelt stories to share with readers worldwide.

Author Jim Kilpatrick will be announcing a print date for his new non-fiction novel, “A Little Piece of Heaven” and we have early on echos from return authors: Marta Wiley, Jim Bentley and Nicole Lee.

So, 2018 is certainly lining up to be a ‘star’ year and we are looking forward to presenting the best possible products for each author.

More information to come soon. Stay tuned…. we cannot wait to share more! pss – Collaborator Michelle Hill is coming through with new literary talent soon! Go Michelle! We love working with you, too.

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