Comparison Puzzles – Fun Part of DTM Giveaway

Throughout our Facebook pages, you will see Comparison Puzzles posted. All of our puzzles are created by Linda Thomas Phillips and they are colorful, enticing, and created to point toward a medium-difficulty to solve. These puzzles have been placed from time to time in different children’s books published by Digi-Tall Media.

After viewing the Comparison Puzzles and discovering the 10 differences in the two images which appear side-by-side, please email Participants will automatically become eligible for the Giveaway event for a free copy of “Poseranity” written by Tony Brown. By viewing the following link you can find out more about the book. – Join us! Our Giveaway Contest ends July 28.

DTM Comparison Puzzle illustrated by Linda Thomas Phillips
DTM Comparison Puzzle No 4 illustrated by Linda Thomas Phillips


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