December 2017 & January 2018 #BESTSELLERS

Our December 2017 BESTSELLERS: #”Magnificent Mallory”: by Mallory Ann Obenauf

and #”Lead with L.O.V.E.” – written by Spencer J. Conley – Dec 2017 #BESTSELLERS – sales throughout December and especially toward the end of December sewed up his position as #BESTSELLER

and (row 2) our January 2018 BESTSELLERS: “Rebound Forward” by Randy Brown’s sales brought him over the top at the end of January.

“The Sump’n Else Show” – written by Bud Buschardt and Sam Sauls – #BESTSELLER for the year! 

Magnificent Mallory Scoliosis Survivor by Mallory Ann Obenauf











Congratulations to all! We are very proud to be representing you and are ready to see ‘the sky is the limit!’


Randy Brown Rebound Forward Cover

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