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Digi-Tall Media Continues to Partner With Amazon

Today was a very busy day for Digi-Tall Media. Two of our authors had multiple titles that we are positive children all over the world will want to read. The great thing about Amazon is that they do actually have a system that gets books read all over the world. Digi-Tall Media has been a publisher and editing firm that loves working with authors from various areas of the world — making this partnership one of a worldwide nature. We wish Linda T Phillips and Victoria Hinds much luck with this new endeavor. e-Books on Kindle will follow soon.

The books we placed up for sale on Amazon today for Linda T Phillips (also the graphic artist for her books) are:

  • Dizzy Dragonfly Loves Them All (children’s book 4-8 yr olds)
  • When Will Christmas Come? (children’s book 4-8 yr olds)
  • Cuddles the Caterpillar Finds Her Wings! (children’s book 4-8 yr olds)
  • Flicker the Freckle-Faced Firefly (BugsHollow series, of course also a children’s book 4-8 yr olds)
  • The Real Border Crusade, one family’s journey (family memoir of a family member becoming a United States Citizen)

The children’s books meant for 4-8 yr olds written by Victoria Hinds are:

  • Bubble Boy
  • Handy So Dandy

Of course all of the above titles are available on, as well as Amazon. We will keep everyone informed when the Kindle versions are available.

Happy reading with your children, grandchildren, class students, nieces, nephews, etc.

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