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Exciting, Staff Illustrator, Linda T Phillips-Digi-Tall Media Publishes Her 4 Newest Titles

Introduce YOUR Children to the Charming Residents of BugsHollow!

Four delightful new books in the BugsHollow Series — by author-illustrator Linda T. Phillips,

Published by Digi-Tall Media ~ All are $14.95/ea. Available at:

Flicker, the Freckle-Faced Firefly

Flicker the Freckle-Faced Firefly lived in BugsHollow. She was so distraught over having fuchsia freckles that she didn’t even want to go to school. No one else in BugsHollow had freckles, let alone fuchsia ones. Other little bugs teased and taunted her unmercifully. Follow Flicker as she learns how to stand up to the bullies. To purchase this book individually click here: Flicker:

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Dizzy Dragonfly Loves Them All

BugsHollow residents are always excited to see the seasons change.  None are more excited than Dizzy Dragonfly. Your child may become curious about the different seasons and wonder why the weather is so different throughout the months. Soon, your child may choose a favorite season – although it may be just as difficult for your child to make that choice as it is for Dizzy Dragonfly.

When Will Christmas Come?

This book is a charming tale about the residents of BugsHollow and will help children discover how rumors can be damaging as well as hurtful. Rumors began to spread that the Spider Family came to harm the flowers and the trees – see what happens when the entire BugsHollow inhabitants determine why snow and Christmas isn’t coming to BugsHollow.

Cuddles, the Caterpillar Finds Her Wings!

Cuddles the Caterpillar has always dreamed of flying, but how can she fly if she doesn’t have wings? With the help of her jungle friends, she learns what it takes to get her wings and obtain her lifelong dream of flying! Meet all the jungle creatures as they teach her that she can do anything if she just BELIEVES in herself!


Graphic Illustrator, Logo Designer, Children’s Artist, Photograph ‘Doctor’ and Book Cover Designer, Linda T. Phillips brings readers full circle from her non-fiction serious book, “The Real Border Crusade” to children’s books that thrill children all over the world. If you want to know about Linda, all you have to do is… ask! She is pretty well an ‘open book’. Born and raised a Texan, she is a lover of the written word. Even more, drawing and creating beautiful illustrations are her passions. Linda, also, answers to the call of ‘Nail Technician’ and has established a successful business for over 25 years. As an author, Linda has now written and illustrated six children’s fiction/fantasy books: A Day in BugsHollow, Do the Daffodils Know My Name? and now, the four we are releasing this month.

       For additional information/interviews, contact: VicToria Freudiger, Publishing Director for Digi-Tall Media, as well as Marketer and Distributor, Plano, Texas – Land Line: 972-352-0324.

Putting a pen to paper all her life, Linda loves to ‘step into the lives of others’, creating their vision. She likes to think of herself as the ‘Go-to-Gal’ who can take your ideas and run with them. At least half of the book covers for Digi-Tall Media have been graphically designed by Linda. Her specialty is designing Children’s Picture Books and Tabletop Poetry Books.

Linda is, by her own design, the official Slayer of Monsters Under the Bed, for her three ‘GrandPrincesses’. She is most passionate about her family: her husband, her two sons and amazing daughter-in-law. She, also, has a host of characters she calls… friends!

For additional information/interviews, contact: VicToria Freudiger, Publishing Director Book/e-Book Publisher, Marketer and Distributor, Plano, Texas – Land Line: 972-352-0324

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