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Growing With Digi-Tall Media

BIG NEWS: Our “parent company” – Digi-Tall Media – recently absorbed all publishing, shipping, and distribution for our earlier company, Entry Way Publishing, as well as for several other small publishing companies and self-published authors. Entry Way Publishing will be an exceptionally great memory forever embedded in our hearts and the hearts of the 300+ authors we have worked with throughout the years. Digi-Tall Media will continue in our commitment to stay up-to-date with publishing standards, marketing trends, and current printed literature styles, which change through the years.

If you are interested in reviewing our services, please click on the following link:
All marketing materials and products will continue to be sold from our Online Storefront: . Most of our literary products are also sold from Amazon, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble. Currently we are communicating with Books-a-Million to get our titles listed with them – and stay tuned to learn more about our working with another new distributor: Aaerio.

So now is the time to go to and look for a book you want – because all new purchasers will receive a $5.00 credit toward any product sold. Tell your friends!

VicToria Freudiger, publishing director and owner/operator of Digi-Tall Media, will continue to serve as the primary Liaison between authors, graphic illustrators, editors, co-writers, printers and other publishers. VicToria’s skills and abilities make Digi-Tall Media a very different firm. For our authors, this means everything that they need – all in one convenient basket.

Just as a blue rose is rare to find – so are the authors in this world who will work hard enough to spend time one-on-one with a publisher. Yet, spending that time alongside a combined publisher, book cover maker, editor, book designer, and printer will absolutely provide an experience that is remembered forever by all parties involved.

AND POETS – Digi-Tall Media works with poets who send us three or more poems. We also work with already-published authors who desire marketing ideas and promotions to help jump-start the sales of their existing products.

Here’s the easy no charge way to start: An author can submit to us one chapter of their manuscript – or the entire manuscript if they have completed it to their satisfaction. All submissions should be emailed to: All one-chapter submissions will continue to be reviewed and critiqued at no charge. If the author prefers a book review instead of a one-chapter edit/critique, they can also receive an e-Book at no charge. All new Digi-Tall Media customers will be provided a free e-Book (of their choice) to read while we review their works.

Within a week or two, communications then will begin between the author/poet and Digi-Tall Media with an online communication or a telephone conference with VicToria Freudiger, publisher and owner of Digi-Tall Media. Afterward, the author will decide if working one-on-one is a good fit for them.

If you are only searching for an experienced editor, please contact VicToria Freudiger at Digi-Tall Media: 972-352-0324 and one that suits your genre will be assigned to you.

Our goal is to continue our MISSION STATEMENT:
Our mission is to work with conviction and tenacity alongside writers wanting to see their manuscript become a published book. We will not just try to sell you our services for the sake of doing so – our interests lie in providing you exactly what you need. Here at Digi-Tall Media, we are prepared for you to be the type of customer who would stop by once – and be so satisfied that you will stay permanently. One of our mission beliefs is, “When we serve others, we serve ourselves.”

Those on our Digi-Tall Media team are encouraged to contemplate upon, “Our company will help writers by providing them the best product possible…thereby helping the literary world, because we cannot otherwise feel fulfilled.”

If you would like a consultation with a book expert who has more than two decades experience, please call me at 972-352-0324.

After taking a short Spring Break the last week of March – we are now back in our offices and anxious to serve you! We start out the month of April with three brand new titles. “Binkiopia” – a children’s fiction by Jocelyn Newman; “’Imi ‘iki’s Great Adventure” – a children’s speculative non-fiction by Jim Kilpatrick and “Proper Management of Our Natural Resources” – a non-fiction science/government oriented book by Charles L. Ciancio. Look for more 2016 releases to be announced very soon – starting in May 2016 with Marta Wiley’s “The Shield & Eight Immortals” and David Wilson’s picture perfect poetry book.

Yours truly
VicToria Freudiger (leave a message at 972-352-0324)
Editor-in-Chief and Publishing Director
Digi-Tall Media and

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Editing and Publishing services available from Digi-Tall-Media, call VicToria at 972-352-0324

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