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James Kilpatrick Publishes Two At Once


“A Little Piece of Heaven” –

Kilpatrick’s father was working for the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA), installing and repairing radar facilities to aid in the ever-growing commercial air travel industry. Dad had a chance to transfer to Wake Island, and the 10-year-old James and his family moved from Bradford, Illinois to the new adventure.

Kilpatrick has organized his book into short chapters, so it is easy to read. Start in the middle, go to the back and return to the front, so fun; you can put down the book and enjoy another chapter later. Each chapter describes a memorable teenage incident. There’s the sunglasses incident, the Trojan horse, live ammo, fake bingo card, Boy Scout and co-ed camping trips, weightlifting, Karate school…and then, of course, there’s The Red Bra Incident!

No matter where YOU were raised, follow James down memory lane, and get a copy of this softly shared biography for yourself, or as a gift. Lastly, get ready to grin while enjoying “A Little Piece of Heaven… Growing up on Wake Island!”


“Lady Samurai” –

In the year 1608, during the reign of shogun Hidetada Tokagawa, two northern clans found themselves at odds. The Yoshimura clan and the Oda clan knew they were soon to be in open warfare and with that in mind the Oda clan attacked the Yoshimura castle killing every man woman and child save, Akiko, their eldest daughter and four retainers.

She and her four loyal samurai retainers would build a force that would seek revenge for her family. Akiko would not forget the picture in her mind of her father, mother, and two brothers stripped naked and crucified for the birds and animals to feed on as they hung in the castle courtyard.

Her revenge would be complete and absolute. Along the way to that revenge she makes lasting friends, learns more about being a samurai and fines love in a place she did not think possible.

Both books available, of course, on – search Kilpatrick and find these titles along with his children’s stories about dolphins and his first memoir – “Stand at Ease”

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