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Mission & Policies


At Story-e-Books you will find a virtual storefront that houses and sells both Print and e-Books written by writers all over the world. Our mission is to create an online storefront full of literature published by publishers all over the world and that we all continue to do everything quality to keep literature alive.

There is a standing open invitiation to publishers who would like to work with us to add their titles to sell on Story-e-Books.

Though the majority of the e-Books sold on Story-e-Books will be those from our parent company, Digi-Tall Media and its main publishing firm Entry Way Publishing, we also work with other publishers and retailers all over the Internet. If you would like to become one of our partners, please send an email to VicToria Freudiger @


* Digi-Tall Media is proud to offer a $5 store credit to all authors who submit one chapter or 10 pages from an unpublished manuscript. We will review, critique and edit this chapter and return at no charge.

* Digi-Tall Media offers full book reviews of unpublished manuscripts at a minimal charge.

* Story-e-Books offers no refunds on shipped products unless they are incorrectly shipped and/or damaged. We are pleased to say, “Digi-Tall Media has an excellent reputation for very limited returns of shipments, which includes our Amazon orders, as well.”

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Editing and Publishing services available from Digi-Tall-Media, call VicToria at 972-352-0324

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