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— I’M DYSLEXIC—and still a Leader!

Professional athlete, coach, and leadership entrepreneur, Spencer Conley has teamed up with Digi-Tall Media to describe how YOU can “Lead with L.O.V.E,” in his new book, which will ship after Thanksgiving.

— Here’s how Conley describes this photo: “There was a time I wanted NO part of this! — “Reading.” Being dyslexic intimidated me! I was always scared I would skip a line or read words out of place, even backwards. FOCUS and a pure hatred for EXCUSES allowed me to master the challenges in my life!

— “If I’m not careful, I will still read words out of order or skip a line! Today, I don’t care! I’m satisfied with doing my best even when it doesn’t hit the mark, and it won’t be the first time I had to go back to the drawing board! I’M STILL A CHAMPION!”

–This new book can help your family life, your business growth, your team…or even you alone. All of this comes down to taking one important step. Check out Conley’s “Too Driven” company at … and watch for the release of his new book! #DyslexiaAwarenessMonth

Spencer Conley: “Lead with L.O.V.E.” is looking forward to getting his books printed in the next couple of weeks. He is also looking forward to his book signing in San Antonio, Texas in November. Stay tuned for more information. Soon! Welcome Aboard, Spencer.


What really makes a leader? Spencer Conley has walked that walk, as an athlete, coach, and leadership entrepreneur – and now he’s sharing his secrets. His new book, “Lead with L.O.V.E.,” is a life-changing volume from a true motivator that will embrace and empower readers with a fresh willingness to learn ways to lead.

“Lead with L.O.V.E.” will be shipped by Digi-Tall Media the week after Thanksgiving, so reserve your copy NOW at:

Are you ready to examine yourself? Can you look at who you have become and stop allowing complacency to sneak up on you? “Identify yourself,” Conley says. “Be open and honest with yourself, as none of us live 100% of anything and that’s OK! All of this comes down to taking one important step: apply the truth and then LEAD with L.O.V.E.”

Visit Conley’s company at to see what an amazing speaker and coach he has been in so many areas and in so many places. Conley’s experience can help your family life, your business growth, your team…or even you alone.  Marta Wiley introduces him properly in this YouTube video:

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