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Newest Pre-Sale: “Terrorized in Rwanda, Saved by Grace”

It seemed like death didn’t want me, but neither did the earth.”  – a Rwandan survivor tells her victorious story –

DALLAS, TX:  After losing her parents and many of her siblings during the genocide in Rwanda, Anamaliya was hunted ‘like an animal’ for weeks. Living through it all, she is able to tell the specific, cruel and inhumane acts of genocide. She becomes a woman who makes up her mind through her determined spirit to live and come out ‘victorious over death, hell, and the grave’.

Anamaliya minces no words, telling the horrible truth about the 1994 genocide. “I heard the sounds of roaring guns and grenades and the screams of people. At that moment, no one needed to tell me anything. I knew they were killing my family; my mom, my siblings and all the people who did nothing wrong except to be born Tutsis.”

“I didn’t understand how people could find out where I was every time I was moved away. It seemed like death didn’t want me, but neither did the earth. I wondered when all this running, hiding, and worrying would come to an end. “


“My journey was never over,” she writes. “It seemed death didn’t want me, neither did earth!

The world simply stood by watching… and did nothing.”


TERRORIZED IN RWANDA HEALED BY GRACE by Anamaliya may be ordered by visiting the online storefront at the following link: ISBN: 978-0-9989286-5-4. Categories: Biography & Memoir, Nonfiction. e-Book: $5.99 and Print Price: $20.00.

About the Author – Anamaliya: After miraculously surviving the 1994 Tutsi genocide in Rwanda, Anamaliya immigrated to the USA as a teenager, where she found safety in the Northeastern part of the United States. She attended Southern New Hampshire University where she earned a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Anamaliya emphasizes through her message that anyone who has experienced extreme hardship can still live a miraculous life with the love of God. Anamaliya keeps busy by volunteering at her church, writing, and keeping up with her two boys.

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