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Allow Serendipity


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Each day we are given a package; it can be a gift or a blur. I am learning to open this present carefully, with eyes wide open. For me, too many days have slipped by as ‘blurs’ and too many of those collected days end up in a life that is a question mark, not an exclamation point. With this book comes a message: regardless of your situation, or possibly, seemingly unsavory issues that life has ‘dealt’ you, you can wake up with anticipation. Strangers who come into your life may be ‘angels unawares’. Getting lost may actually take your life on an exciting detour, otherwise missed, if you had not stopped and asked for help. 

At the end of a blur-of-a-day, many times I have reflected over possible missed opportunities and have played the ‘what if’ game.

Since starting on this journey several years ago, I look for strangers, lost situations and hopeless challenges. Here,I carefully open the package of the day and have been surprised with the joy of wonderful Serendipity. That is the treasure found when looking for something else…SERENDIPITY! It’s like an ‘intentional’ surprise. This is why I insist that we would all be better off if we would just ALLOW SERENDIPITY.

Jim Bentley

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