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Arabella by Elga Haymon White


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‘Things’ whirl and twirl, parade and promenade, flit and flirt in and through Elga’s mind and imagination!

At night-time…many thoughts come to her mind. She drifts off to that wonderful World of Dream-Land…she sees lovely sights in her ‘night’ visions.

Colors, bright and cheery–prance and dance in her head as if looking through a lovely kaleidoscope. Yes, these colors–bright and cheery–come to Elga through her very vivid imagination!

She awakens in the morn…her little mind wonders: What shall I write about TODAY? ZINGO! Just like that, an idea hits Elga!

ARABELLA! Oh, what a lovely thought… A ten-year-old girl and her big, white, fluffy Persian cat named…of all things — ‘Sugar’!

Typing as fast as her little fingers could go…a few hours later…ARABELLA is finished! Another story written!

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 42 × 5 × 8 in


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