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By the Nose of the Football - e-Book


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The NCAA administrators have said for years they were going to change the college football system… nothing gets done.

In 1998, the National Collegiate Athletic Association decided to leave the fate of college football teams in the hands of computers and coaches. Their enactment of the Bowl Championship Series has caused undefeated teams from across the country to fade away without the chance to play for a national championship. The hopes and dreams of fans stay unanswered.

To this day, college football remains the only sport without a playoff, without a real, true champion. The “suits” claim it’s in the best interest of the student athlete but Carlton Newsome knew otherwise. It was the money; to the NCAA, it was only about money.

Carlton decided to test the system. The year came when he knew it would be different, this particular year, no matter which two teams played, only one would end up undefeated. After all, this was America!


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