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Code 4 for Life - e-Book


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AMERICA’S RECENT DISASTERS have demanded key roles for first responders. Now Aaron Hermanson, a law officer himself, has written CODE 4 FOR LIFE — for those first responders who live and work while burning the candle at both ends, It’s available at:

— “The abnormally large amount of stress, nutrition choices, shift work, and poor sleep are just a few of the areas that greatly impact our health,’ he says. “It does not take long before the uniform is bursting at the seams, the belt has a few new notches in it, the pants zipper is hanging on for dear life, and energy levels are down the drain.”  And his tips are important for all of us, as well as disaster workers.

— His 107-page book is one of the “top 30 currently being talked about” in a national survey. The book is not just another “eat your veggies and don’t smoke” lecture. Hermanson, who also is a fitness instructor, shares simple, natural, and scientifically-based health and wellness tactics that will have a major impact on your energy, vitality, sleep quality, weight management and mental state.

– “These ideas are not ‘magic bullets’ or quick fix approaches,” the author states. “They are based on timeless health and wellness tactics that work. Some ideas may seem new and different and some of the concepts will be familiar. Whether the ideas work or not, is up to you. Ideas are only useful and effective if applied. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee (or should I say green tea?).”

– By providing private, one-on-one consultations as well as group sessions, Aaron – as an author and a speaker – helps those who suffer from all sorts of health issues. Visit his website for more information:

1 review for Code 4 for Life – e-Book

  1. 4 out of 5

    Kindle Customer

    This book has great info for all aspects for the survival of your LEO career!

    I look forward to more works from Mr. Hermanson!

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