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Deceit in Sheep's Clothing - e-Book


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Raymond Nestly conquered his plight from being the biggest nerd on campus by winning the heart of the most popular girl, Joy Burgoise. As he built his world around pursuing an occupation in the real estate industry, he ultimately surrendered to his ‘calling’ of being a preacher.

Raymond’s premeditation of having the biggest church, a huge congregation, a supporting wife, and still remain a respectable man of God became his main drives. He was forever thirsty for things that could not quench his ego and passion. Even though he was trying to further his success, Raymond began to quit paying attention to the things that mattered most. Instead, he became addicted to wanting everything possible to make himself appear powerful and successful; but along the way the exact opposite began to happen.

Still, as the earlier years passed, everything Raymond wished for was granted. Joy was the ever supporting, loving wife and he acquired and led the largest church in the county. The quiet, shy nerd became a well-known prey to all women who worshiped his power. One secret was he usually felt weak.

Raymond’s world begins to crumble when he became ruthless and cruel – and as his wife, Joy had to deal with it all.

by Shavon Baker

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