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Diffuse the Math Bomb


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Finally after Ten Thousand Years of Civilization – Mathematics is Made EasyMISHAWAKA, INDIANA- My new hero, and sure to be yours too, is Jay A. Snyder. Jay has written a brilliant new work. Diffuse the Math Bomb: Self-Teaching Guide for Parents & Students, and has finally taken the sting and pain out of the longstanding battle with mathematics.Yes, you heard me right. As a confirmed math hater who struggled with the burden of this misunderstood subject all of her life, I can personally attest with livid astonishment and unbridled celebration that our liberation has been delivered by this unbelievable author.

Jay presents with crystal clarity and precise easy instructions that will have staunchest disbeliever learning new concepts with ease. Starting with fractions, you will be saying, “So that’s what they meant.” And you will begin working with the math problems instantly. Never before has anyone made such a complicated subject so simple.

The book continues with proportions, GCF and LCM, scientific notation, and moves on to negatives, averages, area, and volume. Concluding with metrics, motion, trigonometry, and yes, quadratic equations. Jay Snyder covers every subject with simple instructions and excellent illustrations.

So if your eyes glaze over even with the thought of Algebra or you shake with fear at the thought of “Ok. One train leaves at 60 mph from Chicago¿” then this book can become you math salvation. Diffuse the Math Bomb is a ¿must have’ for all school programs as well as tutors.

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