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Dignity is a Renewable Resource


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Dignity is a Renewable Resource and Courage Takes Balls” by Shanna Goodman was written to share her everyday situations and common fears. She’s providing everyone a look into her world so that you too can find ways to conquer things you’ve never dreamed possible. Conquering might be a strong word, but Shanna Goodman’s life did change after making herself attempt such random, but foreign (to her) things. She spent a year pushing herself to do one new thing a month and fathered balls of wisdom along the way. What started as a fun little project turned into a profound life-changing experience that opened her eyes to the world around her and forever changed how she perceives erself, the world and the people in it.
Shanna Goodman started her 12 New Things project in December of 2009 and blogged through a year of pushing herself out of her comfort zone. She thought it would be fun, but it wasn’t and she found herself failing more often than succeeding. To keep herself accountable, she shared all of the gory details on the blog

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