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Doctor Dave's Dragon Tales


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The Castle seemed far more empty than usual as King Kris walked down the massive hallway. Beside him walked Buster, his three-headed dog companion, waging his tail and seeking attention as usual. The Castle was very quiet, as it had been for a very long time; in fact, it seemed almost to have been this way forever. As the king walked along reaching down now and again to pet the head that was nearest to him, King Kris felt a sort of melancholy day dreaming of the times gone by when the castle was filled with the noises of happy elves, gnomes, fairies, dragons, unicorns, ogres, and every other sort of magical creature that could be imagined. Almost all were gone now, having disappeared to live among the humans who lived in the villages many days journey from the kingdom where they had once lived.

David R. Fast was born in a remote area of the Missouri Ozarks in January of 1948, the second child in a family of three. He has been writing short stories and articles for most of his life beginning when he was still in grammar school. Although they were not published and most of them have long since disappeared, the stories have brought a lot of joy and happiness to the friends and the children for which they were written. The author grew up in a very Mark Twain sort of world and later, went on to gain two PhDs, one from the United States and one from Europe. After teaching for a few years in the secondary school system, Dr. Fast worked for some very large corporations. At the end of 2006, Dave decided to take a story he had once told to his boys when they were young and make it into a book and have it published. This book is the culmination of that effort and it is hoped that you will find it both entertaining and enlightening.

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