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From Inside These Prison Walls: Book 1


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So why do I write?
I write for many reasons.
Sometimes, I write just to escape from this reality
An escape into an imagined paradise.
Or in remembrance of a paradise once experienced but long since forgotten.

Sometimes, I write from memories of a past life;
One very different and far removed from the confines of these gray walls and rolls of razor wire.
Sometimes I write with a sense of the present
Lashing out at the judicial injustice currently endured.

Sometimes I write with the hopes and dreams of freedom
And a future outside of this black hole in which I currently merely exist.
It doesn¿t matter if I am writing to lash out at this system of injustice
Or writing a poem which expresses my joys, sorrows, desires or thoughts
Or whether I¿m writing some little ditty
Pouring my heart out in a song.

My writings are a mirror in so much as they are a reflection of who I am.
It is this reflection I sometimes share with others
Exposing just a small glimpse of the reflection in the mirror
Which is me.
And so I write.

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