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Hands of Steel, Heart of Gold - e-Book


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As a teenager in Ferndale, Michigan, Bill Martoni mowed lawns, washed windows, shoveled snow and helped his brother repair older homes. When World War II came along, Bill left his work and his only love, Helen and went off to the Marines. After three years, eight wounds, many decorations and a 60% disability, he returned to Ferndale, picking up where he had left off.

Bill became very successful and then married his unfaithful Helen. The two of them had two sons, many possessions and numerous adventure in friendships, gambling and dealings of all types. Helen was later diagnosed with cancer. On her deathbed, she confessed that Bill was not the father of their youngest son.

After holding off a nervous breakdown and forgiving her for being unfaithful, he meets another lady named Mary in his frequent visits to church. She also has one son from her unfaithful husband who was killed in an accident.

Bill and Mary do get married to one another and move into one of his houses. Bill realizes that he needs to raise his three sons as well as possible and that each of them need an education.

All of their triumphs and defeats and the love of family life compound all into a happy family existence.


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