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I'm a Little Stormcloud


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This little story has nothing to do with this story, thus, the title only, “I’m a Little Storm Cloud.”

The author was still at home working when her mother would call in the morning to wake her up. OH! She hated mornings, but could be up all night writing a fresh and exciting story to be edited, proofed, and finally published for the children to read. She would get dressed at last and go into the kitchen where her mother had prepared her breakfast. Her mother was always a  cheery soul and would greet her with, “Good morning, little ray of sunshine!”

She would greet her mother with a ‘screwed up’ face and say… “No ma’am, mother, I’m a little storm cloud!”

They both had a good life… that’s the way their days would start.

On the Flip side of this book — all you need to do is turn the book over and there is a brand new story, “Queen of the Rainbow” — yes, you get 2 books in one.


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Dimensions 72 × 9 × 7 in


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