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Last Train Runnin' - e-Book


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Last Train Runnin, a popular trio, was labeled “the next big thing” in folk music. But Vietnam changed everything. Led by singer/songwriter Everett Blalock, the group vanished from the music scene when his number came up for the draft, thanks to the political connections of his girlfriend, Holly’s, wealthy parents. Terrified of becoming an infantryman in the Army, he opted for a safe job as an X-ray technician in the Navy. However, the Navy had other plans for Blalock, who found himself assigned as a corpsman to a Marine Corps rifle company in the middle of the war zone. Meanwhile, David Westerfield, journalist and anti-war activist, fell in love with Holly while researching a story on the band, and saw his life also drastically affected. Last Train Runnin’ is the story of these two young men and how their lives paralleled one another during and after those turbulent times in America’s history.


By RD Foster


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