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"Life is a Bumpy Road" by Tony Albano


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Most of us would agree that life is a bumpy road…but now a guy has written a short, delightful book about it!

Tony Albano, a waiter/host at Carmel CA’s Il Fornaio restaurant for 20 years, lost a leg and was deeply depressed – until he met Brie, a poodle who also was missing a leg. He says the dog, “looked into my soul … and all was well.”

“LIFE IS A BUMPY ROAD is smoothed out by the people – and the dogs you meet along the way.” His 28 short stories in just 138 pages tell about life in the NY projects as a ‘60s hippy musician — about a man who had kind eyes — about remembering the shampoo smell of a girl who rode on his bike handlebars –and much more!


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