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A Little Seahorse Called Star (e-Book)


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NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!  Author and illustrator Linda T. Phillips has a wonderful way of telling children’s stories, and this is one of her best!  Your children will love all the delightful pictures and the words in “A Little Seahorse Called Star.” Available @ – New Releases.

Star was SO excited to start her first day of school – only to be told by the Headmaster that, “Sorry, a seahorse isn’t a fish,” and so Star couldn’t be part of a school of fish! Star’s dreams felt shattered.

Salty the Shrimp and Suishy Squid disagreed, saying, “Star, you are distinctive and grand in own way.”

Gathering with her friends, like Ollie Octopus, Monty Man-o-War, Josie Jellyfish and others, off they went to get the opinion of Wally Whale, king of all animals of the sea.  Wally said, “Star certainly WAS a fish – a unique type of fish who lives in the water, breathes through gills and swims upright, but she just did not have scales.”

Star’s permission for her to attend the fish school, and have her dream come true was still in the balance. What did Star learn? Never give up on your dreams, until you make them come true!  Let YOUR children learn about Star – and think about THEIR options!


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