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Murder at 5000 Feet


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Detective Jerry Kline and Sergeant Benny Kekoa of the Honolulu Police Department were returning to Honolulu after delivering a criminal to the San Francisco Police Department. They would be flying back on a Pan American Airways flying boat the Hawaii Clipper to Pearl Harbor.

Sit back as the flying boat lifts off from San Francisco waters, passes over the Golden Gate Bridge and heads out over the Pacific to its first stop at Hawaii Islands on scheduled flight to take them on to Midway Island, Wake Island, Guam and finally to Manila in the Philippines.

The eighteen-hour flight to Hawaii should have been a routine flight. However, halfway to Pearl Harbor, Professor William Beckmeyer staggered down the passageway from the sleeping area and collapsed near Kline, dying; with a long-bladed knife in his back. So much for a relaxing flight.

In the next nine hours, two detectives would investigate, trying to find the killer and answer the question, ‘why was the professor killed in the first place’.

Join the two officers as they seek answers from nine other passengers. As the hours tick away and the clipper races to Pearl Harbor, can the pair get the answers they need?

Now boarding… please enjoy your flight!


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