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Murder by e-Mail

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– Hawaiian police are baffled.! The murders of three rich, beautiful women seem unrelated. The women didn’t know each other. Didn’t have any friends in common. The only things in common was that all were between thirty-five and forty years old, lived alone, were murdered in front of their living room computers,

– AND… all were nude when found –  with a white rose beside the bodies!  James Kilpatrick has done a GREAT job on his newest novel!  So see how the crimes are solved… order “Murder by E-mail” now.

Here’s a totally different twist on murder mysteries — Murder by E-mail! And I loved it! It’s set in Hawaii, with all that natural beauty involved. But then again, each of the murdered women was beautiful, young, living alone, and found nude, with a white rose beside each body!

It’s an intriguing police-department story, and the cops can’t figure it out. But the women’s computers show that each woman HAD been chatting online with… oops, now we’ve got cybersex involved, too… yes, with some pretty high-up Hawaiian businessmen. What a book…it really keeps you turning pages. Excellent dialogue, well written, easy reading! Intriguing detective work…a woman cop goes undercover (so to speak). There are husbands and wives…and secretaries and hired hit-men.

I think of James Kilpatrick as an author of good children’s books.  I mean, my kids loved “‘Imi ‘ike Learns to Swim.”  And I enjoyed his “Lady Samurai.”  Now I give great credit to a totally versatile author!

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Dimensions 5.5 × 7.5 in


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