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My Unspoken Word


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The title of this book is to be used in a different manner than is probably the norm. This author believes poetry is an interactive art, not a passive art. Michael Hellwig wants his words to spark an emotion, thought, response, or act. For this reason, he has purposefully left each poem untitled, in hopes that the reader will assign his or her own title pertinent to their own response. Each poem has a graphic depiction of a mixture of what the poet and the publisher saw within the words. The fun will be is to read and feel and see for youself as you experience, “My Unspoken Word”.

The title of the book is derived from the realization that very few of us get a chance to voice our thoughts and feelings to a wide audience. Usually, it is done through friends, family or coworkers, who see us on a preconceived level and often focus on the messenger and not the message.

The gift that poetry has given Michael Hellwig is a chance to reverse this process, and to allow his words to ring true, thereby preceding any notion of his looks, personality, or character. Some of his thoughts he has spoken of before, but for reasons previously mentioned, he doesn’t believe his or her core content was heard.

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