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Pure Rhapsody Nature and Romance bundle


Pure Rhapsody - Nature

Pure Rhapsody - Romance, Seasons-Holidays

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Print copy of both Pure Rhapsody Nature and Pure Rhapsody Romance, Holidays-Seasons

One glance at the poetry in this little book,


by Elga Haymon White, will give you the desire to read all the beautiful, heartfelt poems.

You will find a quote in the book from the French:

“Poeta nascitur, non fit.”

The translation of this quote in English:

“A poet is born, not made.”

A description of the word, ‘Rhapsody,’ is:

“A highly, emotional utterance; an effusively rapturous or extravagant literary discourse; a highly emotional literary work;  ecstasy.

The Webster Collegiate Dictionary – 1979


by Elga Haymon White

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(mother’s day special)


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