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Pure Rhapsody - Romance, Seasons-Holidays


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The poetry is written in plain, everyday language so anyone – young or old – can grasp the magical words and understand what the author is attempting to impart. Poems are in ‘sections’ especially selected for their ‘unique style’ or ‘meaning’.

In REMEMBERING… the author searched for ‘Three Things Beautiful’ which were beautiful in her life. What are the three things she found? Find out as you read the poem! Can you think of three things beautiful in your life? Thinking…remembering the past can bring back precious memories!

‘Walking Alone… Together’ in the lovely ROMANCE section, you can actually ‘hear’… ‘the tolling of the evening bell… echoing in the twilight… wending our way ‘round. The Long, Last Bend… we reached the long lane’s end.’
What a beautiful thought as you think ahead – or behind – taking an evening stroll with the one you love…
In the joyous SEASONS – HOLIDAYS section, you will travel from ‘Spring-Time’—‘God’s favorite season’? – to cold, snowy Christmas-Time where you find yourself all wrapped up in… ‘Soft, warm, gentle candle-glow… flame a-curl in the breeze…’ to ‘Soft, warm, gentle candle-glow… fireplace a-burnin’ mesquite…’

This is the second ‘wee little book’ – of three – being taken from the original ‘PURE RHAPSODY’ poetry book – the first was ‘Nature’. Purchase the original ‘PURE RHAPSODY’ or only the poetry that ‘fits your life-style’!

(mother’s day special)

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