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Clad in dar scuba gear, concealed by the pitch-black, moonless night and the following waves of the Mediterranean Sea, secret agent, Christopher Seven observed the Mafia Don’s mega yacht from a safe distance away. Watching the gruesome spectacle unfold through a pair of Steiner Military waterproof binoculars, Seven’s stomach began to turn. Six male prisoners had been chained together out on the open deck, stripped naked and wearing the mob’s proverbial ‘cement shoes’, concrete blocks that had been cruelly molding to their feet. The captives were being brutally tortured via a red-hot branding iron. Astonishingly, their torment was being inflicted by four beautiful women who knew just where to impose the most searing agony. As the prisoners’ wails gradually died down to whimpers, several mob henchmen callously threw them overboard into the churning sea. The victims sank like rocks, down to their watery grave while the gorgeous quartet roared with laughter.


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