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Shanty Boy


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The 1880s

The time when Jim Crow’s laws still existed in parts of the country. The time when Michigan white pine was king. The time when World Lightweight Boxing Champion, George Lavigne, began his boxing career under the tutelage of a black barber. From these threads of history Lowell Plaugher began to weave a story.

Billy Lavigne was introduced to Sunday boxing the winter he worked as a shanty boy in the north harvesting white pine. Not that it was his idea. In fact, if he’d had a choice, he would have stayed in Zilwaukee to be close to his girlfriend, Jennifer. But his father was insistent that he join him. Upon his return to Saginaw, as much to please his girlfriend, Jennifer as anything, he tried but failed miserably to become a salesman. After that, he met CAC Smith and began training to become a boxer and indeed demonstrated great potential until the bones in his fists began to break. As his whole life and Jennifer’s began to unravel, Billy’s younger brother George’s life began to soar.

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