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Struck From A Distance


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Sometimes life throws you a curve, and at other times it spins you completely around while leaving you oblivious to your new azimuth. For Salar, the latter best describes the scenario he faced when his life changed dramatically.

Salar, an ordinary young man with minimal responsibilities and problems, was soon on the run from his native government and looking for a fresh start in an alien land. Amazingly, he lands in America.

Just when Salar believes his life and travels cannot get any worse, the 9/11 attacks befall America, leaving the country in a state of panic. And to Salar’s chagrin, he admittedly fits the stereotypical profile of a would-be attacker. Without being able to prove legal residency or to justify his presence in the United States, Salar is rounded up and jailed.

However, the human spirit is indomitable and Salar reaches down deep in order to overcome the hurdles placed in his path. While seeking proper immigration status, Salar not only gets sucked into a metropolis of vices, he slowly starts to lose himself in the process.

Simultaneously, Salar gets recruited as a spy for the United States Federal Government to infiltrate areas in-country and report back his findings. Being of Middle Eastern descent and fluent in Arabic – it is decided he is the perfect fit for the assignment. This quickly proves to be less than the young man imagined or can take. He slowly decides to opt out of the equation.

“Struck from a Distance” is a spellbinding account of a young man who not only rides the wave of adventure but is able to come full circle internally within years, whereas, though this transition can often take many of us a lifetime.

by Jayden Price

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