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Terminal Policy

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Preparations have been made. Every imaginable misadventure covered. At precisely 0400 local time, any person or property named on any insurance policy, worldwide, becomes a target for violent termination. Can one man stop the devastation? Is Martin Raker a savior or maniac? Both terrorism and insurance sell fear, he says and business is business. From Manhattan executive offices to Haiti, Paris, Baltimore, Mexico City, Rome, New Orleans, Geneva, and London. Lightning-paced terror and romance romp throughout Terminal Policy. The fun lies in the reading, as our tale races toward its cataclysmic finale.

by Liam McCurry

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2 reviews for Terminal Policy

  1. Lori Taylor, University of Arizona

    “Terminal Policy” is as good as any fiction I’ve read… and I am really a bookworm! I just finished Raker’s childhood… my kudos to McCurry for creating a nerve-tingling tale!”

  2. VicToria Freudiger, Publisher

    Some of the most fun we have ever had at Digi-Tall Media was when we worked with Liam McCurry. Taking “Terminal Policy” and creating developmental five Raker short stories was incredibly rewarding for everyone… including readers.

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