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The David Wilson Exhibit


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Prepare yourself to fall in love with photographer David Wilson’s gorgeous new tabletop book: THE DAVID WILSON EXHIBIT, which is 130 pages of treasured thoughts, poems and prose, with his sensitive photography to enhance each piece. You will spend quiet time while you enjoy photographs of children, women, dogs, rooms, objects…some in black and white and some in full 4-color. While eyeing the photographs inside “The David Wilson Exhibit” we are certain you will also enjoy reading his descriptive words and poetry.

For David Wilson, the art of photography is a journey into realism. David is an artist who has created a style as unique as the world that is his inspiration. He uses both digital and film cameras as instruments to create art that connects with each viewer on a deep and often emotional level. Now he has entrusted Digi-Tall Media to publish and share his work with the world.

A few words from his book:

Some people are like a bus token.
All they do is take you for a long, slow ride to nowhere
And leave you there.

Your greatest accomplishment today should be giving thanks for the chance to do so.


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