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The Immortals and the Hidden Species - e-Book


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The Immortals and the Hidden Species by Gloria J Freer is an unusual tale of fantasy and mystery. This new and exciting work of fiction depicts the life and adventures of the miraculous heroine Celreta. Celreta is the mysterious offspring of a mortal woman and the diabolical humanoid Orthon.

Raised in her home town, Celreta is feared and hated for the magnificent special powers she exhibits. The locals brand her as a witch and imprison her. Just as her fate seems sealed, the mighty Nathon appears and rescues Cel from her oppressors. Together, Cel and Nathon return to his compound in darkest Africa. Here Cel learns of Nathons life as a hunter and broker of wild animals to zoos. Nathon is a veterinarian and his kindness to animals and to Celreta soon win this wild and mysterious woman’s heart.

Soon, Nathon is privy to the full extent of Celreta’s powers and abilities. She has both the ability to communicate with animals and the power to destroy both the mightiest beast and evil humans. Nathon and Celreta travel back home to allow Celreta to reconcile with her mother and family. It is then that the mysteries of the humanoids, people, and electroids crescendo into an exciting story that you will want to read over and over again.

If you love fiction, science-fiction mystery or adventure then Gloria J Freer’s, The Immortals and the Hidden Species will provide you with wholesome family adventure with just a twist of the hidden world so seldom seen.


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