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The Spirit Wolf - e-Book


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We encourage you to purchase this fascinating book about wolves and their pups. There are many of us who are fascinated by the wonder and beauty of nature. It is something that we all wish we were able to see more often. In his book The Spirit Wolf, Robert A. Hastings brings to life a part of nature that is unfamiliar to most of us, the mind of the wolf. This story begins with the pair of wolves, who are the leaders of their pack. The alpha female wolf is in the process of giving birth to puppies, all of who will need to be taught how to behave. The most interesting thing about this tale is unlike in the human world; the wolves rely on others to help raise their pups. Specifically, the alpha wolves in the pack, Car (the alpha female) and Lo (the alpha male) rely on Sar, the oldest sister of Car to help to raise her pups. She is the teacher of the pack and is in charge of helping the pups to learn where their place in the pack is going to be.


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