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The Sump'n Else Show - e-Book


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Remember TV bandstand shows? Then you’ll love our new book!

The arrival of Rock ‘n’ Roll music created a previously unexplored market for advertisers: the teenager. And in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the Sump’n Else show was often the highlight of a teenager’s day. “The Sump’n Else Show” is a fun, new softback book by Bud Buschardt, with his collaborator, Sam Sauls. This tabletop version is Bud’s personal memories of that bygone era, which is to be respected as a music/television history book. During the TV dance craze of the mid-to-late 1960’s, Bud Buschardt was unit manager-floorman-assistant director at the Dallas studio of WFAA-TV in NorthPark Center. There are pages of great old photos and lists of songs that were played on the show.

Collaborator, Sam Sauls, is the driving force behind the creation of the book. He believes that this piece of television history needs to be documented because his research showed that not much information is available on local television bandstand shows. Sam and Bud both desire and hope to correct some of the misinformation now on the internet about the show.

The Sump’n Else show followed the 1964 success of WFAA-TV’s Group & Chapman show, a Saturday night lip-synch show for teens and their parents that starred Dallas/Fort Worth area teenagers. The legendary show began September 6, 1965 and concluded on January 26, 1968. Sump’n Else had new music, dancing, fashions, contests, food, and “The Little Group” – a group of four girls dancing on a platform off the dance floor. Host, Ron Chapman often referred to them as the “stars of the show”. The original group included Calleen Anderegg, Delpha Teague, Joan Prather and Kathy Forney. This is the only book that tells the story of Ron from his beginning high school days in the entertainment business through his successes at KLIF, WFAA-TV and KVIL until his retirement from KLUV.

National guest music stars like Paul Revere and the Raiders, Herman’s Hermits, The Monkees, and The Righteous Brothers made appearances on the show. Local area musicians including The 13th Floor Elevators, The Five Americans, Southwest F.O.B., The Novas, Scotty McKay, Kenny & The Kasuals, Those Guys and many more were also featured guests on Sump’n Else.

The Sump’n Else Show is not only for those who remember the show and the era of television bandstands, but it is also for a curious younger generation that might have only heard about Sump’n Else from their parents or grandparents, or have read about it on the Internet. Although the show was based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, readers from other areas might reflect back to the television bandstand show that aired in their hometown. We look forward to music memorabilia collectors and television history fans displaying the book on their coffee table for all to enjoy, especially over the holidays.

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