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The Unlucky Kau Chim Stick


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The Hawaiian Islands and the United States were plunged into a world war on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Life in the Islands changed in a split second.

The young men of Hawai’i volunteered or were drafted into the various services to battle the Japanese and, with the departure of most of the young men, many jobs opened up for women. By the time 1942 rolled around… there were only a few young men left on the Islands. Jobs of all types were being given to women of all ages. The opportunities included shipyard jobs, cab drivers, police officers and many more.

For two young women it was a change to land a job doing something they wanted to do and also being able to help their friends. It was the chance of a lifetime and they jumped at it. This is the case of two young women wanting to be private eyes.

Follow private eye, Jade Chung O’Hara, a beautiful young Chinese-Irish woman; and her partner, private eye, Anna Hong, a full-blooded Chinese  girl, as they seek out the murderer of a taxi-dancer at the Club Ching.


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