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The Water Daughter - e-Book


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The Water Daughter a super-fiction tale about my meetings with Saint Germain. I have always been fascinated with mysterious stories of the past. Ancient tales and myths about magic and supernatural creatures that did something so amazing as to become legends in their own time. I decided to use Saint Germain as my muse in the story “The Water Daughter” so I could expand on my own aspirations to attain a mythical legendary place in history. The Gnosis and the true essence of life is undecipherable, yet, very real. This book is a true account of my understanding of the Gnosis; the spiritual spark in every soul. That does not mean that I am accurate in my writings of the Gnosis; however, I know enough to know it is shrouded in mystery for a reason.

I wrote this book to let people know that this secret is highly misunderstood, highly coveted and mysteriously impossible to decipher but very simple in essence. I also believe that the reason why humanity has such a hard time with life in general is because our true form and purpose is to attain spiritual immortality. It is my belief that this is why authors such as myself, write in fiction and super fiction; because, although everyone knows the truth – not everyone is ready to take that leap of faith. Expanding on this truth, one needs more than faith to learn the lessons of immortality, they need the little details. This book is a puzzle piece of that path. In “The Water Daughter”, the Count of St. Germain attempts to teach those laws that engages the reader, so they disengage their ego long enough to really begin to believe in the human potential. Belief is the first step to the supernatural. Making myself the character, is as controversial as Immortality. The reader must decide for themselves what to believe.

by Marta G. Wiley

Fiction Disclaimer: Marta Wiley is a creative writer. She writes in fiction and magical-realism. The readings are meant to be enjoyed in a light-hearted manner and in no way should be taken literally.

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1 review for The Water Daughter – e-Book

  1. 5 out of 5


    Marta is my favorite writer. I can’t remember when I enjoyed reading anything so much. I read at bedtime and then got 12 hours of much needed sleep with fun dreams.

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