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Unbridled Ambition - e-Book


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The Gordian family lived in the tough river town of Peoria. They were Dad (John), Mom (Julie) and three sons (Jimmy, Warren and Louie). Mom and Dad both loved to drink and fight, which eventually led to their parting. On a trip to Chicago, Jimmy learned of DeVry Electronics College and so, he decided he was going to go there someday. He was a smart boy and studied auto mechanics and worked part-time in a garage the last three years while he was still in high school. Two days after graduation, Jimmy enrolled at DeVry the college that he had learned of when he was in Chicago with his Mom. He studied hard and got a job while attending DeVry. Jimmy had a financially favorable contact with the Mafia and so, he wound up with a lot of money and a motorcycle. While on a long vacation, Jimmy met all types of people and situations. Afterward, he returned to Peoria and was successful in several businesses. A few years later, an Indian boy he befriended came to live with Jimmy and he married a lady that he met on that vacation. He and his wife stayed in Peoria and retired to fishing on the Peoria River in the town that he loved.


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