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Unsettled Business


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Sommerton, Texas is a small, out of the way stop in remote West Texas where ordinary people went about their ordinary lives. That is… until a local coke addict, Samuel Hayes entangles himself in an unscrupulous, subterranean narcotics ring and falls prey to the local hoodlum, Carl Spake. After stiffing Spake in a drug deal, which was way too big for their means, Sam and his best friend, Buzz Broussard face more than just Spake’s revenge. Things get worse when confronted by Carl’s boss, the recently arrived drug czar, Leo ‘Pitbull’ Tally.

Sam becomes their target and faces Spake’s personal vendetta when the crazed drug dealer vows to get even no matter what the stakes. Not only does Sam have to worry about Spake and Tally, he is also wanted by local Sheriff Al Castillo who suspects Sam is involved in multiple felonies.

Now the sprint is on to determine who gets to the resourceful young man first and how Sam unwittingly involves innocent bystanders in his flight to safety.

Unsettled Business and its colorful characters take you on a  topsy turvy ride where violence, intrigue, and romance accompany you as passengers on your unforgettable trip through West Texas.




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