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When you read Who is Clay? you will be reading a story about yourself, whether it is your past or your future. Stephen has written a book that describes each of our lives in a style a child can understand, as we all desire to be ‘more than Clay’. [testimony by Dr. Kevin Leman, Author of Making Children Mind without Losing Yours]

Every once in a while a book is written that you sense will somehow become a classic. Who is Clay? is one because it is about you and all human beings. It takes you from troubles to triumphs and besides that, it is book of hope that will speak to you – it is a must read! [testimony by Drs. Ken and Millie Cooper, Founders of The Cooper Aerobics Center, Dallas, Texas]


Stephen Fanning


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  1. 5 out of 5 (verified owner)

    Who is Clay in a well written delightful book that children all over the world could relate to and parents would have an easy time explaining Who is Clay. Author, Stephen Fanning created an approach to sharing that each person born in unique and he did it in such a way that you can read the entire book in one sitting and be glad you did so. Again, as I said, “Delightful” read.

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